Coaching and Leadership Development in the Education Sector. Expert in school culture change and author of The Trust Revolution in Schools.


Jeanie is director of LCC Consultancy and co-founder of Schoolgenie.

There are two main themes to Jeanie’s work:

Catalysing trust-based cultures in schools through enabling better staff collaboration and understanding to produce high performance cultures that retain happy people.

Transformational coaching through deep listening and the scaffolding of thinking to genuinely empower and enable headteachers, senior-leaders and staff at all levels in schools to find the best and most authentic way forward.

The trust revolution in schools

Teachers are some of the kindest, most altruistic and smartest people on the planet yet they create some of the most claustrophobic and toxic cultures within which to work. Not with the children, but with one another. Why is this? How is this? What are the impacts? And, crucially, how do we resolve it?

Ofsted, accountability, funding, workload and societal difficulties have led to a response in many schools that is fear based, generating staff cultures that affect teacher wellbeing and are leading to large numbers leaving the profession. This impacts not only staff morale and wellbeing but also has a highly detrimental effect on teacher performance and the outcomes for pupils and students. This book examines what underpins these patterns and sets out a practical model for embedding a trust-based culture in all schools.

Drawing together four key psychological concepts, the book explores what a trust-based culture looks like and the conditions that are needed for this to develop. It looks at the paradoxes that lie in how staff create harmonious and collaborative cultures and the practical steps that are needed to create a culture where staff that crave and give open, robust feedback are pro-active, learn from failure and have the ability to thrive through challenging questions.

Providing a comprehensive blueprint for schools to follow, this is essential reading for school leaders and thinkers who want to create a rich, healthy environment where collaboration, creativity and excellence in teaching and learning can flourish.


When I feel I'm drowning, my sessions with Jeanie put me back in control.
Assistant Principal, Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue

Jeanie has over a decade of experience coaching headteachers, school leaders and classroom teachers. She underpins this expertise with her Masters in Coaching from the University of Warwick.

Jeanie approaches coaching in a tailored way, creating the optimal thinking space for the person she sits with. By having a range of tools and concepts available, from Myers Briggs personality typing to constellations, deep listening and learning centred coaching, Jeanie is able to help teachers gain insight, shift mindsets, enable creativity of thought and be empowered to move forward.

Private Coaching with Jeanie

In this current climate a space to think is important. Time to explore your inner landscape and make meaning to move forward with greater clarity and confidence is something we all need.

Jeanie works with private clients from all professional and personal backgrounds. Whether you want to explore a particular challenge, take a step back and gain perspective on aspects of your life or indeed would like to develop a particular professional or personal area, Jeanie can help.

If you would like coaching with Jeanie, more information and prices can be found here.



Using the Trust Revolution Model, Jeanie works with schools to improve performance though significant cultural and collaborative change. Healthy, humane cultures, that keep the pupils and learning at their core, flourish through auditing the school culture and enabling staff to openly communicate, feedback to one another, embrace failure as a learning process and create respectful, professional relationships.

Jeanie has had a great impact on the quality of leadership at all levels in our school. She has helped us to reflect on our professional relationships and her training days are eagerly anticipated. Thanks to Jeanie’s input, we are developing a culture of open, constructive feedback in our daily working lives. Professional development goes deeper and is more personalised than before.
Head Teacher Marus Bridge


Through training staff to become coaches, in the unique environment of schools, Jeanie embeds meaningful, sustainable coaching structures that enable dialogue and change.

The coaching development programme with Jeanie has moved my coaching forward exponentially. Through a combination of 1:1 coaching, taught theory and feedback, I have developed a secure understanding and have become confident in coaching my peers and colleagues.
Middle Leader, Oasis Academy Henderson


By putting the teacher at the heart of the change process Jeanie enables reflection, self-awareness, mindset change and upskilling when looking at classroom practice. Through setting a vision and then measuring this next to the current reality of the classroom, all led by the teacher, real insight arises. Done alongside, not done to.

I love being able to look at my achievements and think “I did that”. Working with Jeanie has made me feel empowered and much more in charge.
KEY STAGE 1 LEADER, Cadishead Primary School


Jeanie has embedded a completely new approach to performance development in schools through bringing together professional behaviours and job performance. By introducing a performance appraisal model that is underpinned by coaching principles, staff are empowered to drive their development with authenticity and values at the heart.

Working with Jeanie helps to keep staff happy, healthy and functioning well.
Headteacher, Oasis Academy Warndon


Teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates and in 2017 the number of teachers leaving the profession was higher than the number entering*. This is happening because unkind, fear-based school cultures are created due to staff not having the tools and knowledge in how to create trust-based, kind, humane cultures.

We can change this by finding staff, already in schools, with the right characteristics and training and supporting them to:

  • catalyse trust
  • apply their emotional intelligence and understanding of human behaviour
  • foster collaboration and positive wellbeing

We call these people ‘genies’.

*February 2019 briefing paper from the House of Commons (Foster 2019) on teacher recruitment and retention in England, in the twelve months to November 2017


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