Rebalancing The System

As all that we have taken for granted appears to be shaking and falling and the fragility of the illusion of stability comes to the fore it may be time to think about ourselves as natural.

Within our lifetimes we have divorced ourselves from nature. We have actively sought and craved the unnatural from plastics to big pharmacy from Nutella to electric lighting. We as a Western species have lived beyond the natural rhythms and cycles of the world. We have forgotten the seasons, mitigated being in tune with the light and become unable to hear our bodies telling us what they need as opposed to what they want fleetingly in the moment often triggered by outside messages.

It seems the more we have believed in the power of rational science the more we have damaged our environment and upset the balance of ourselves. We see this in rates of mental illness, rates of obesity, stress and related illnesses, the dying of species and insects that literally prop up our food sources, the change in temperatures and metrological systems.

So perhaps we are now in a time of rebalancing. We have lived in a time of a particular energy and accepted norm – a belief in survival of the fittest, competition, domination, exponential growth and improvement.

Perhaps the energy of nature will bring in a new perspective. One which looks at collaboration, intuition, a belief in wholeness, a systemic, Gaia approach to all things interwoven, the grey not the black and white. The being not the doing. This destruction of what does not work for a system that needs balance – because it is this planet’s system which will seek to survive over millions of years, not us.

What if it is us, all knowing, all certain and ‘in control’ that have it wrong? As we have no genetic memory of our ancestors all we really know is what is right in front of us now. We forget, our bodies are evolved for our survival. We forget that death is a natural part of life. We forget that we do not need the millions of things sold to us on a daily basis. We forget that it is not normal to live in fear, knowing the worries and concerns of everyone on the planet – feeling triggered by frightening events that will never happen for us. Believing we have to make every decision for ourselves.

We are far more kindness and connection, sharing and giving than panic buying and protecting and as the fear subsides we will see this. Trust in yourselves. Trust in nature and let this unfold – wonderful things are arising.